Little House of Horror

Come one come all, before time runs out! If you haven’t been to a haunted house yet now is the time to go before it’s too late.

I’m going to share with you my top 5 haunted houses in Louisville that you really need to check out- if you have the guts, that is.


  • 1) Waverly Hills Sanatorium Haunted House

Each year, one of the SCARIEST places on earth opens its doors for their haunted house fundraiser. Waverly Hills a place like no other you have ever experienced. Simply standing outside the building is terrifying in itself. Then, you make your way inside through the labyrinth of corridors surrounded by the spirits of those that haunt the halls of Waverly. To add to that, they host their annual fundraiser haunted house that you can experience a haunted attraction within the confines of fear itself. All proceeds from the haunt are utilized for the restoration of this incredible building.

The VIP ticket includes a 30 minute Mini Tour of the upper floors of the building where you will learn the history of Waverly Hills, experience the paranormal and then be dropped into our Haunted House skipping the wait outside.

Location: 4400 Paralee Ln, Louisville, KY

Dates: Fri & Sat, Sept 23 – Oct 29, 2016

Price: $20, Parking $5, VIP $60


  • 2) The Devil’s Attic


The Devil’s Attic haunted house is becoming a beacon of fear in the Louisville area. As the story goes, since the dawn of time the Devil has been collecting evil souls….souls that have brought terror to us all. The Attic is where he has chosen to keep them locked away for centuries. They have been waiting…..waiting to unleash their hellish fury! Go prepared to face pure evil as they welcome you……to The Devils Attic!


The Devils Attic haunted house is a collection of the true elements that make up many classic horror films. They have taken these elements and integrated them into a VERY interactive and detailed environment within the walls of this haunted attraction. Within the realms of The Devils Attic you will encounter many of your childhood demons as well as a slight horrific twist on some of the classic monsters of Hallows Eve. The result of many years of planning and passion is sure to frighten even the bravest of souls.

Location: 647 West Hill St Louisville, KY

Dates: Sept 16 – Oct 31, 2016

Price: $20


  • 3) Nightmare Forest Hauntpark


The legendary Nightmare Forest Haunt Park is a haunted attraction park in Louisville that is known for miles around. Nightmare Forest haunted event is known for bringing the movies to life and they have always lived up to that motto. It has featured such movies at Halloween, Jurassic Park, Alien, and much more. This year it features Halloween, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the Conjuring and many more! It is a haunt to be feared and Nightmare Forest has returned to Otter Creek Park with a vengeance. However, not only do you get one frightening trail, you also get the Trail of Terror, Dead End Hotel, Nightmare Harvest and Hawthorne’s Circus Bizarre! It is an ENORMOUS Haunt Park with 5 attractions in 1 location for 1 price!

Location: Otter Creek Park near Fort Knox

Dates: Sept 16 – Oct 29, 2016

Price: $20 for 5 attractions


  • 4) Haunted Hotel


The Haunted Hotel is celebrating 26 Years of continuous terror in 2016! Starting out with an elevator that takes you on a nightmarish ride to the 13th floor for an encounter with Gustav, the creepiest elevator operator on Earth. The Haunted Hotel is known for its extreme scares, blood curdling effects, and gruesome scenery. Definitely one of the goriest haunts in the Ville and one of the top haunted houses in the city. This year, the Haunted Hotel crew has been busy tearing down and completely renovating most of the exterior scenes of the haunt to give guests something special new for 2016!

Location: 3000 S Fourth St Louisville, KY

Dates: Sept 2 – Oct 31, 2016

Price: $25, VIP $35


  • 5) The 7th Street Haunt


The 7th Street Haunt is an award winning haunted attraction and one of the BIGGEST haunted houses in Kentucky. With its old school approach to scaring, the 7th Street Haunt is revitalizing what it truly means to be frightened. It features 2 different haunted houses under 1 roof. You can experience the “old school” thrills of Ft Harmony’s Revenge and the “high tech” props and animatronic chills of The Experiment. Your ticket grants you access to one of these haunted houses. During your visit, you can upgrade to include both haunts!

Location: 2900 S. 7th Street Rd Louisville, KY

Dates: Sept 9 – Oct 30, 2016

Price: $20



Social Media, yea or nay?

According to Queen Rania of Jordan, “Social media are a catalyst for the advancement of everyone’s rights. It’s where we’re reminded that we’re all human and all equal. It’s where people can find and fight for a cause, global or local, popular or specialized, even when there are hundreds of miles between them.” Social media plays an important role in my life. I use it to keep connected with my friends and families that are far away. I use Snapchat and Facebook every day. Not only are they good for, keeping in touch, but they are good for passing the time. Whenever I’m bored I look at peoples post on Facebook, or I watch their stories on Snapchat. Through Facebook, I have been able to talk to relatives I never have even met. I have found out that I have a lot in common with them through their posts. On the other hand, I still try to resist some social media sites. For example, I still don’t have a Twitter because I try to stay away from the gossip of the world. I also didn’t have an Instagram until a few months ago. I only got one because my friend made it for me. I barely use it. I do plan to one day get a Twitter account one day, because I have recently found out how useful it actually could be. It lets you know when you favorite stores are having sells, for example. Social media is a great tool for communication, but if used wrong it can cause much harm. I don’t believe that we can ensure that social media will serve as a force that improves interpersonal human communications. At the same time I don’t believe that social media is something that is shallow or used to harm people. Social media/ the internet are an incorporeal thing and do not emote. We as individuals chose how we use social media for good or bad. In other words, social media isn’t bad or good it all depends on the person using it.

Looking back over this course I’ve learned a lot of new things, but the one thing that sticks out for me was the displacement theory.  This theory states that “we as individuals only have so much time in our lives that we can communicate. Meaning that participation in one communication domain takes away from others, when a new communication technology is introduced then we have less time for other communication activities.” This theory is proves to be true in many aspects of technology. For instance in the case of social media, we have moved through many different social networks. For example before Facebook was big we had Myspace. Once people started using Facebook more they stopped using Myspace as much. Now Myspace is virtually obsolete unless you are a musically talented person. The impact of communication technologies in my life has made things easier, because in order to for a technology to be successful it has to be as easy as or easier than then its predecessor. To learn more about the progression and of social media I have linked an article about the evolution of social media.


I could never really relate to the phrase ‘hell on earth’ until this past Thursday. For a class assignment my professor challenged our class to unplug from the world for a day or half a day. At first I thought this task wasn’t even a challenge. I convinced myself that I could go a full day without the internet or my cellphone as easy as I could blink- I was wrong. The night before I decided to do the assignment I made a plan as to how I could get through this task as easy as possible.

My plan: Wakeup by 11:00am; go to class at 2:00pm; go out with a friend to Hilltop Tavern (an establishment where you eat, drink, and play board games); and then end the night watching movies. Seems like a really solid plan right- WRONG!

What actually happened: With my phone on I didn’t have an alarm to wake me up, and without any other clocks in my apartment I wasn’t sure what time I woke up. Since I decided I didn’t want to be late for class I decided to just get dressed and go to school (If I was early I could just go to the library or grab some food on campus). Usually I check my weather app before I get dressed, but since that would require my cell/ internet I couldn’t. So I decided to check the weather the good old fashion way by sticking my hand out the door- hmm nice and sunny out. When I started my car I noticed the time- 12:20pm. At this point I’m thinking ok not doing so bad, just a little behind schedule. I get school and go to the library to do homework and possibly get a head. Well unfortunately I forgot that I need a computer, as in the internet, to do every single assignment. I now had about a hr. and half to blow before class, which doesn’t seem like that long until you are literally just watching the clock on the wall. Finally it was time to go to class- I’ve never been more excited for class. I arrived in class and I sat, and I sat, and I sat. after 20 minutes of sitting in a virtually empty room with 2 other students, one girl said she had just checked her email and “the professor sent out an email saying class was cancelled.” In this moment I felt like someone in the universe could be playing a joke on me. I now was on the way to my sister’s place to see if she wanted to go to Hilltop tavern with me. I banged and banged on her door but there was no answer, so I drove over to my friend Travis’s place. I knocked on the door and he answered the door in his boxers. He agreed to go with me, but he questioned, “Why didn’t you call me first so I could get ready.” Ugh I wish I could of used my cell, it would of saved me gas of driving to my sister’s and then to his. We arrived at Hilltop tavern at 4:30pm, but we had to wait for it to open at 5:00pm. While waiting for it to open, it started to rain. There I was caught in the rain with flip flops and shorts on with no umberella. If only I had some type of device that could predict the weather- oh wait, I do but I couldn’t use it! When it opened we played 3 hrs of boardgames, from Monopoly to Clue and even Candyland. I’m not going to lie I really enjoyed myself and didn’t even think about my phone the whole time. I got home and turned my cellphone on and it was 8:50pm. I had a flood of unanswered texts and my email had 67 unread messages (even though a lot were junk mail).

This experience was eye opening! In a way this experience was good and bad. In relation to reading the articles “YOUR SUMMER VACATION UNPLUGGED: IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE” by John T. Peters and “Turn Off the Phone (and the Tension)” by Jenna Wortham, I have come to conclusion that we relied far too much on technology, but without it we are at a disadvantage from the rest of the world. For instance, in “YOUR SUMMER VACATION UNPLUGGED: IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE”, the author says, “[his] kids’ image of [him]… [is him] always looking at some device.” Not being on my cellphone I noticed that even people at out in big groups of people were all on their phones and not really paying attention to one another. What’s the point of going out with others if you are just going to exclude yourself anyways? Another example that relates to my experience coincides with “Turn off the Phone (and the Tension)”. Jenna Wortham brings about a good point when she exclaims that, “for many people, smartphones and social networks have become lifelines — appendages that they are rarely without. As such, they can sway our moods, decisions and feelings.” Being without my phone I noticed that I kept having micro anxiety attacks because I kept looking for my cell phone and couldn’t find it- forgetting that I purposely left it at home. I’m so use to having my phone permanently attached to my hand that it doesn’t feel right not having by me at all times. Another way I felt was what Ms. Wortham referred to as ‘FOMO, or the “fear of missing out.”’ This also caused me anxiety, I felt like I was missing out on everything, even though nothing was happening because it was a school night. Neither the less I wanted to be reassured nothing was happening. A good reason for not having my cell/ internet would be because of “Joy of Missing Out or JOMO (Wortham). Sometimes it’s good to just relax. It is hard to relax if you are constantly skimming your cell, or Facebook, or Twitter wondering what everyone else is doing. It is always better to take some me time to recuperate your mind and body. I have nattached an article that will help you embrace ‘JOMO.’ Hopefully this will be a guide to help you unplug too!

Video Game Mania

According to the textbook “Communication Technology Update and Fundamentals”, “72% of American households play computer and video games (ESA, 2012).”  The role that video games play in society today is both positive and negative.  In my own life video games have posed a problem. A few years back I had a boyfriend who I eventually broke up with literally over video games. He preferred to spend all his free time playing Call of Duty. Another relationship ruining game is World of Warcraft A.K.A. WOW. WOW had gotten so out of hand that my pastor at church had a sermon about the problems it’s causing in church members marriage. Another Problem video games bring is contribution to obesity. America is already one of the most obese countries in the world. Since people are sitting inside on their butts’ playing video games they are spending less time outside getting exercise. A final problem with video games is the violence. Video games have created lack of sensitivity towards violence, and children have a problem differentiating between real life and fantasy. Kids are seeing people get shot in these games and see no repercussions happening in the games for doing so they figure it is okay.

With all the negative things video games bring there are also positive roles video games play in society. There are games like Leap Pad that help children learn while having fun. There are also video games that help with health. Doctors have used video games to help children with autism, People with physical rehabilitation, senior citizens with Alzheimer’s disease, and now video games are helping discover heart conditions. I have found and attached an article that shows positive effects of video games.

With video games the theory of relative constancy plays a big role. To reiterate what the theory of the relative constancy principal tells us is that people only have a finite amount of leisure time. Time spent on new communication technologies will come at the expense of old communication technologies.  In reference to the textbook “Communication Technology Update and Fundamentals”, “In monetary terms, video games are easily competitive with the largest media. The opening day sales of Call of Duty: Black Ops exceeded $360 million worldwide, easily exceeding the largest-ever weekend movie gross mid-2012 (The Avengers) and the first-day sales of the final Harry Potter book.” This data shows that with more time/ money spent on video games there is less money/time invested into movies. I think one reason people spend more time on video games is because you don’t have to the comfort of your own home. Another possible reason people prefer video games is because it is an investment. With video games you pay three times what you would for a movie ticket, but you get to play the game for the rest of your life; whereas going to the movies is a onetime thing.

Ahh…. Yes the good old days!

       I can still remember my first encounter with computers and the Internet. The first computer I ever used was when I was about seven years old. I used to play games on my father’s computer. The computer games I played at that time were minesweeper, free sale, solitaire, pinball, and paint. I could spend hours playing games or painting a picture with assorted tools, such as paintbrush, spray, or fill. My first memory I have a bout the Internet was the famous animated Dancing baby. I also remember back then we had dial-up, which made it hard to make or receive calls. If you picked up the phone you would hear this annoyingly loud high-pitched squeal in your ear.

   The experiences I had with computers and The Internet that had the biggest impact on me were educational uses. When I was in fifth grade my sisters and I got to have a computer just for us girls. By this time we had computer games on CD-ROMs. The first game I remember is my Sesame Street game, because it allowed me to play with whatever Muppet character I wanted. I always pick Zoe the Spanish-speaking Muppet. I learned a lot of Spanish that has stuck with me all my life. I even use some of these words in Spanish class now days.  Another cd ROM game I remember is where in the world is Carmen Sandiego. This game was educational, because it taught me historical and geographical facts but in a fun way. I also remember going on the Internet for games. I would go to or because they had all sorts of games for children.

     However I would have to say the biggest and most positive impact that I have of the computer was in the fifth grade. At this time I lived in Germany and I attended a DoD school (school for military memeber’s children). There they taught us children how to use PowerPoint and Excel. We didn’t have a choice in the matter but I’m happy they made us learn it, because these programs are still in important part of today’s society.

     The theory of the relative constancy principal tells us that people only have a finite amount of leisure time. Time spent on new communication technologies will come at the expense of old communication technologies. With my experiences this has proved to be true. I stopped playing computer games once I got my CD ROMs, and I stopped playing cd ROM games once I had Internet games. Even though we have newer technologies we still have a resemblance of the old technologies from which the new one started. For example, CD-ROM games are computer games, and so our Internet games. The difference being you don’t have to use a disk to play the Internet games, but the gist is still the same. I have attached an article that talks about Old-Fashioned Tech Terms You Still Use Today. This article points out the difference, but similarities we use with old & new technologies.

Technology, For the Youth?


In the article “The Terrifying Truth About New Technology” didn’t sit well with me. A statement that really stood out to me was “We think we’re afraid of the technology. But we’re really afraid of getting old.” I disagree, I think we are not afraid of technology,but the trust so many of us put in technology with no questions asked. To me, the reason older people tend to shy away from technology is because they have learned to live this far with out it so they don’t feel the need to go out and upgrade. I will say however when they need to upgrade they usually do. For instance, my grndmother knows how to use every aspect of her IPhone. She doesn’t use a “roladex”  she stores her contacts in her phone just like a teenager would.

I read an article –which I have inserted a link ( that proclaims we get the smarter with age. I look at people throughout history who have made landmark discoveries like Einstein or Darwin, and they were very smart and older. The article by Daniel Wilson says the opposite. According to the article, the older you get “the process of adaptation slows down.”  In my own family , my elders appear as if their minds are still  intact and some of them have learned new words relating to the higher education levels they have achieved. Yes, I think the problem solving skill improves but I think that’s more with experience then age. I have relatives that haven’t experienced hardly anything outside of their small community whose vocabulary is very basic, and those who have traveled the world gain knowledge and have a better understanding

I think if a person chooses, for whatever reason, not to adapt to their surroundings or to new situations than they choose live in a fish bowl. I think a person can live off the grid and still maintain an adequate amount of modern technology. Times change quickly I can remember my mother buying me a Logitech computer that seemed so advanced at the time and now when I look at my younger relatives learning on IPads, I feel out of date and old. I remember in school the big computers in only a few rooms now children have laptops or flat screen desktops to work on in almost every room. The blackboards are not the same no longer do you need chalk now you have to calibrate it and it’s like using a computer. My mom talked about using a typewriter and having to learn what she called 10 key, I’m still not sure I understand what made that such a valuable commodity but she was really proud of it.

To Blog or Not to Blog?

         I Believe that blogging is a way to outlet your thoughts and get them heard by others. I like to think of blogs as diaries on steroids. I definitely think that blogging has an impact on our society. According to statistics, ” 6.7 MM people publish blogs on blogging websites, and other 12MM write blogs using their social networks. I probably read at least five blog today, through links friends have posted on or shared on Facebook, whether it be about food clothes new movies or celebrity gossip. I do expect The practice of blogging to increase, mainly because of how much Time people are on the Internet. According to statistics, 81% of the U.S. online consumers trust information and advice from blogs. – I have inserted a link ( that gives 45 reasons/statistics on why you should blog. –

          This leads me to my next point, the “Power to publish.” I think it is a good thing to let people polish any thoughts or ideas to everyone for two reasons. Reason One, the first is our rights as Americans to practice freedom of speech. Reason to, peoples view on certain matters not only give us different perspectives on a subject, but it also helps eliminate ethnocentrism. 

           Unfortunately, with all the good that comes from the “Power to publish” there is also a downside. For example, in an article by Kathleen Parker, – of the Washington Post – she talks a bout the negative effects of blogging.she uses an example about Gov. Nikki Haley, Who falsely accused of tax fraud. This rumor “begin with the blog item, then was tweeted by The Hill, it Washington political news paper, and reported in short article by The Daily Beast,”!according to Ms. Parker. However, there are a few things wrong with Miss Parker’s finger-pointing at blogging. It is not solely the fault in idiot bloggers who started the rumor, it is also the fall of the credible new sources who ran with the story. I blame the journalist for the escalation of the rumor. Unfortunately, because of laws such as the fair report privilege and shield laws, reporters can basically report whatever they want with little to no repercussion. Newspapers and reporters are supposed to be reliable sources, not some random person but the keyboard.

             In conclusion, blogs can be great sources of informational pools of knowledge and great sources of communication. But there is a saying “don’t believe everything you hear”. I think the same should be updated to “don’t believe everything you hear or read.”