California Swag Comes to Louisville

What’s New in the NuLu area? The new clothing store 43industries. It is located on 811 east market street Louisville, Ky. The co-owners, Philip Garber and Adam Sharp, are working on rebranding the building to have a simple boutique style yet industrial.


Mr. Garber says they are “opening it because Louisville needs it. Because, if any person -in the downtown or highlands area- wants to buy California style, hip clothing and it’s not a boutique style women’s stuff you have to go the St. Matthews Mall. So we want somewhere cool for people to go to.”


They will cater to both men and women and even kids. They will be selling sun glasses, hats, jeans, sweatshirts, t-shirts, skateboards, snow boards, longboards, necklaces, and earrings.


They will also be collaborating with local people. So if a local person makes jewelry they will pick out some stuff and work with them to help make profit for them both.

For those off you looking for employment, be on the lookout. Since they are freshly starting their business, they will be working a lot of the hours, but they plan to have someone fill in hourly to help out. They want rad, cool people that are extroverted and outgoing people who love to smile and help people.

They grand opening is mid-November, but until then you can check them out at


In the future Mr. Garber hopes to have multiple store locations in Louisville.



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Elaina Hurd

I am a senior at the University of Louisville. I am double majoring in communications and psychology. I enjoy traveling, and trying new things. I believe the key to living a fulfilled live is to be as cultured and diverse life as possible -be adventurous!

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