Technology, For the Youth?


In the article “The Terrifying Truth About New Technology” didn’t sit well with me. A statement that really stood out to me was “We think we’re afraid of the technology. But we’re really afraid of getting old.” I disagree, I think we are not afraid of technology,but the trust so many of us put in technology with no questions asked. To me, the reason older people tend to shy away from technology is because they have learned to live this far with out it so they don’t feel the need to go out and upgrade. I will say however when they need to upgrade they usually do. For instance, my grndmother knows how to use every aspect of her IPhone. She doesn’t use a “roladex”  she stores her contacts in her phone just like a teenager would.

I read an article –which I have inserted a link ( that proclaims we get the smarter with age. I look at people throughout history who have made landmark discoveries like Einstein or Darwin, and they were very smart and older. The article by Daniel Wilson says the opposite. According to the article, the older you get “the process of adaptation slows down.”  In my own family , my elders appear as if their minds are still  intact and some of them have learned new words relating to the higher education levels they have achieved. Yes, I think the problem solving skill improves but I think that’s more with experience then age. I have relatives that haven’t experienced hardly anything outside of their small community whose vocabulary is very basic, and those who have traveled the world gain knowledge and have a better understanding

I think if a person chooses, for whatever reason, not to adapt to their surroundings or to new situations than they choose live in a fish bowl. I think a person can live off the grid and still maintain an adequate amount of modern technology. Times change quickly I can remember my mother buying me a Logitech computer that seemed so advanced at the time and now when I look at my younger relatives learning on IPads, I feel out of date and old. I remember in school the big computers in only a few rooms now children have laptops or flat screen desktops to work on in almost every room. The blackboards are not the same no longer do you need chalk now you have to calibrate it and it’s like using a computer. My mom talked about using a typewriter and having to learn what she called 10 key, I’m still not sure I understand what made that such a valuable commodity but she was really proud of it.


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Elaina Hurd

I am a senior at the University of Louisville. I am double majoring in communications and psychology. I enjoy traveling, and trying new things. I believe the key to living a fulfilled live is to be as cultured and diverse life as possible -be adventurous!

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