E-Books and MOOCs

Communication technology has become a big part of the education world. Nowadays you have to be somewhat tech savvy in order to excel in school. In every single class I’ve taken, I’ve had to use communication technology at some point in time. When writing a paper for college teachers require you to use MLA format, which requires a computer. I also have to use a computer to turn in assignments. Like now for example, I have to keep a blog for this class which also requires a computer. I personally believe that technology distracts from what is most important in education. Back when I was in grade school I didn’t have access to google. I had to look things up the old-fashioned, which was by searching through the library’s Book catalogs. When looking up information manually you are more likely to retain the information. When it came to writing papers I literally had to write the paper, using a good old pencil and paper. Having to actually hand write a paper helps with spelling and grammar, because you actually had to know how to spell and how to use a word properly. Now with the ease of autocorrect when texting or spellcheck on word documents, you don’t have to pay attention to grammar and such. I can honestly say I have forgotten how to spell a lot of words that I have previously knew how to spell because of these technologies. Not all things about technology bad. There are good aspects like e-books are useful, because you can access them from any Comm Tech device. If you have a hard copy book and you forget it at home then you have no way to access it. MOOCs are another great benefit of communication technology. I have found MCOOs most useful when I study abroad. I was able to do my homework assignments and take exams on my own time. These MOOCs are also really  useful for people who work a lot of hours and can’t afford to is work. 


Published by

Elaina Hurd

I am a senior at the University of Louisville. I am double majoring in communications and psychology. I enjoy traveling, and trying new things. I believe the key to living a fulfilled live is to be as cultured and diverse life as possible -be adventurous!

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