Food For Thought: Communication Technology

My name is Elaina Hurd. I am junior and I am double majoring in communications and Spanish. When it comes to communication technology I think it is both a blessing and a curse. Communication is a Godsend in some ways because it keeps us connected with people across the land. It also keeps us updated on current events around the world. Where it used to take us three to five days to receive a letters via mail -about 2 weeks if overseas- it now takes only seconds via email. Though there is praise for communication technology there is also the tragic aspect of it. Many people, especially middle age citizens, say that the millennium babies have lost all connections with the real world. It has been proven that social skills have been compromised by modern communication technology. Nowadays, the most social interaction youth get is from behind a computer screen on social media websites. The problem acquiring most social interactions from technology is we forget about the verbal and nonverbal cues that can suggest interest or disinterest in a conversation. The tone of a voice can show concern or convey anger. Most important is eye contact, which can make or break any interview.

When it comes to new technology I’m usually up to date on the latest gadget. This is because to be a part of society today you have to be in the know of these things. For instance, textbooks are becoming obsolete in classrooms and are being replaced by tablets. Yes you heard me right; each student receives a very expensive piece of technology in lieu of a book. You either get with the new technology or you get left behind. “Traditional” communication kept us connected to the goings on around the world, but it was only a one-way system. Nowadays, we have a two-way system where we can send and receive messages through multiple medium. I have linked a youtube video titled “6 Essential Tech-Savvy Tools for Travelers”. This video is is just an example of some new communication technology that is pretty big right now.

As for the future, I believe that traditional AM and FM radio will still be around for many years to come, because it delivers current local events. Yes there are satellite radio stations and other things of that nature, but those stop of stations are national and don’t focus on local news. However, with that being said I do believe that a lot of radio stations will go out of business because they will lose audiences. The lower the audience count, the lower the advertisements. Since radio stations gain revenue from advertisements they need a big audience. The reason radio stations are losing headcounts is because of new communication technology. One of the main reasons why the radio was so successful was because it allowed listeners to hear the latest music, but now with Apps like Pandora, IHeartRadio, Spotify, etc… People can listen to new music with less to no commercial interruptions.


Published by

Elaina Hurd

I am a senior at the University of Louisville. I am double majoring in communications and psychology. I enjoy traveling, and trying new things. I believe the key to living a fulfilled live is to be as cultured and diverse life as possible -be adventurous!

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